Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

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Welcome to my blog (typical boring intro, right?). My name is Joseph MacMillan, and I’ll be your host throughout the duration that you choose to remain here. There’s a snapshot of my mug just below, just so you know who you’re “dealing” with.


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Joseph MacMillan



The original concept behind this blog was in fact to almost solely feature terrific travel blogs.

Well, I’ve reconsidered this. As much fun as it is to write about other people’s worldly adventures, I’ve opted instead to feature my own experiences. And in part, this is in respect to living a life akin to something one might consider as a relatively “minimalist” sort of traveler.

Couple this together with the fact that, although I cannot describe myself as an avid traveler, I am an individual who has a preference for residency in countries other than my own – that being the United Kingdom.

Over the previous 8 years, I’ve lived in Malaysia (3.5 years), in the Philippines (2.5 years), and in China (2 years).

And although, as I write this, I am indeed back in England, U.K., it will not be long before I’m heading on over the blue waters and green lands, on my return to the Philippines.

After which, well, will it be China, or will it instead be Malaysia? Or perhaps I’ll opt instead to remain in the Philippines. This scenario is something I am conflicted with, and I will outline my reasoning, my tribulations, throughout over the coming weeks and months.


So, what’s it all about? I’ve had numerous ideas about this blog and the main emphasis for it. Finally, I “think” I’ve settled on one: Keeping alive and healthy while you’re on the go. First and foremost, fortuitously, I’ve had pretty good health over the years, and other than the odd case of food poisoning and a case of something akin to dengue fever (that knocked me out almost completely for over a month), I’ve done rather well – touch wood! 

Thus, the main focus here is not going to be on maintaining one’s health whilst out on the road and trotting around the globe. 

Instead, it’s about maintaining an income. 

For the first three years, I did well enough with my contributions to the world of search engine optimization. That made me a pretty good living – plenty good enough for the likes of Malaysia, which is relatively cheap in comparison to the prices in the Western world. 

But then, things took a severe nose-dive, and I had to re-hash and re-invent as best I could, particularly so after my son was born. Suddenly, at the grand old age of 46, I had the responsibility for maintaining a family. Furthermore, my (then) partner, who is Filipino, has never worked since I met her, thus she and the boy (Joshua) have been solely dependent on me for their finances. 

Honestly, it’s been touch-and-go at times, but I’ve always managed to generate enough greenback to keep us afloat, one way or another, and most of the time, I’ve worked a 25- 30-hour week.

In addition to that, you can add the expenses involved with numerous hotel stays and globe-trotting flights (on the relative cheap, I may add). I’ve kinda developed a knack for finding truly affordable flights, even though I’m in the habit of leaving the booking process to the last minute almost every time. You see, I’m a very organized individual – NOT!


Irrespective of all of that, I hope you find this website to be of use to you in one way or another.