How to Fund Your Travels Through Blogging

How to Blog Successfully – Part 1


How to Fund Your Travels Through Blogging

Eileen Donan Castle, Scotland



Let me lay the foundation for this post at the forefront, given that my focus will be on “successful” blogging on a regular basis.


After all, through blogging, I’ve managed to pay for most of the time I’ve spent living in Asia, and that’s eight years at the time of writing this blog post.



What does “successful” actually mean with respect to blogging?


That really depends on you, but for many, the term “successful” means making an income. And for me, it means making a solidly substantial income in terms of aiding in the funding of my capacity to travel and live abroad.


And to achieve that, you have to be able to generate some form of content on a fairly regular basis. Content that is appealing to your target audience, of course.


Plus, you have to be able to monetize your blog posts so that you are, indeed, making the mullah. After all, there’s no point in writing tons of content or putting together loads of videos for your website if you’re not monetizing… or not monetizing effectively.


Monetizing blog posts can come in various shapes and sizes:


  • Affiliate sales
  • Paid advertising (whereby publishers pay you to advertise on your website)
  • Offering how-to courses
  • Selling books
  • Advertising using networks such as Google AdWords



Now, when you’re first starting out with monetizing your content, it’s possible that you’re going to “hit on a miss.” I know many people, myself included, who have tried monetizing through Google Ads, only to find that the amount of clicks on the ads are few and far between.


In which case, you either try a different ad network, such as Sovrn


Sovrn Ad Network



… or you can try affiliate sales using affiliate networks such as Rakuten Marketing, which is currently the largest aff network out there.


Rakueten Marketing



The good thing about going in either direction with Sovrn or with Rakuten is that you do not have to have a minimum number of page views on your blog each month to be accepted. Thus, they are both highly pertinent methods to use for monetizing for new bloggers that still have little traffic to their sites.





Currently, as I’m writing this post, my own blog, the one you are on now, is not monetized. And currently, I have around 20 visitors per month, if that.


I set up the blog about eight months back, and have done little at all with it until now.


So, it’s my intention to get this thing well and truly going in the appropriate direction.


I’ll be monetizing as I go along and will be driving traffic mainly from Pinterest.


After which, I’ll be sharing my results with you, so you can see what’s working and what ain’t happenin’.





I have already established something of a Pinterest presence. As you can see from the screenshot below, there is a little bit of traction there.


My Pinterest Account

My Pinterest Account as of 7 August, 2016


And as I make progress with Pinterest, I’ll be describing precisely what it is that I do to make that progress.


Honestly, I’ve not had much success with Pinterest before. Most of my work has been focused on search engine optimization, and by far the vast majority of my online income has come from the pursuit of search engine optimization.


But this time around, I’ll be working mainly with Pinterest as the traffic generator.


Until next time…

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