How to Earn a Great Income While You Travel the World

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Earn a Great Income While You Travel the Globe


How to Earn a Great income While Traveling the World



Today, I thought I would discuss something different

You see, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been making my own living whilst resident in various Asian countries over the previous eight-year period.


I decided, at the ripe old age of 38, that I’d had quite enough of the United Kingdom and wanted something very alternative. The sense of adventure had finally kicked in. The sense for turning my back on the past was also very strong – exceptionally strong.


A bit of a mid-lifer going on there, I guess you could say. But that came about as the result of a few tumultuous years where I’d survived the breakdown of a marriage, a bankruptcy, the loss of my driving license, and thus, the knock-on effect of also losing my source of income – I was self-employed in landscaping back then.


I turned to relying on alcohol to get me through the months Though, simultaneously, I managed to keep enough focus (at least occasionally), irrespective of the cumulative effects of alcohol-overkill, to the point that I finally figured out a way to achieve my dream for “escape.”


Moving on, what this meant was that I was forced to try my hand at numerous and variable business ventures, inclusive of utilizing my skills in writing the English language, teaching the English language, proofreading the English language, i.e. proofing courtroom transcripts, and a bunch of other income-generating pursuits, some of which have been successful, many of which have been anything but.


And over the years, I’ve invested in many online courses to learn income-generating skills that have paid my way and also served, and continue to serve, to support my family in the Philippines.


How to Live Abroad and Make Money Online



So, today, I wish to focus on reviewing a “service product” which was carefully and loving created by Gina Horkey.


Who’s Gina Horkey, you might be wondering?


Well, while being a mom of two young kids, she’s managed to generate a hugely substantial income over the past… over the past 18 months or so, if my memory serves me well enough.


And based on her own colossal success, she now offers two courses whereby you (and me) can emulate what she’s managed to achieve; namely making her income from high-end writing and from high-end virtual assistance.


Gina earns around $20,000-$25,000 per month, albeit, not all of that comes from her writing skills. Nor does it all arise from her virtual assistant (VA) work either. But since I invested 400 bucks in her VA course, I figured that it would be pertinent to discuss that here.




Review of Gina Horkey’s VA Course


In my mind, the key question to ask whenever anyone is writing up a review about a product or service is: DOES IT WORK?

Will the information in the course help to generate a good income?


The answer to that quite often depends on yourself. Your motivation for success; your capacity to deal with the knocks that arise along the way when you’re starting out and there are countless hurdles in the way prior to any opportunity for success to really strike home.


Fact is, if you don’t have the motive, or you find it very difficult to deal with the early frustrations once you graduate from this type of course, then I’d say it’s not worth your investment. Stick, instead, with your day job, since that’s safe and secure.


Have I myself found success as a VA?


Not exactly. I completed Gina’s 12-module course some months ago, at the time of writing, and I don’t have any clients that I provide a virtual assistance service for.


But there’s reasoning behind that circumstance.


Although my original intent was to focus a large effort on client accumulation, my original intent has now altered.


That’s not to say what you’ll learn from the course is not plenty to give you enough scope to break into the world of the high-end VA.


Potential earnings for this type of work average around USD$45 per hour (unless you’re advertising on the likes of Fiverr or Upwork), where some folks are commanding upwards of USD$100 per hour, depending on their skill set and their capacity for putting themselves out there in a confident manner.




What’s the Content of Gina’s VA Course?


Here’s the curricula:


Module 1: Virtual Assistant Foundation


Lesson 1: Mindset


Lesson 2: What a Virtual Assistant Does


Lesson 3: How to be an Excellent VA


Lesson 4: Clients’ Perspective of the Benefits of Hiring a VA


Lesson 5: Reasons to Become a VA


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Brennan Dunn Video Interview




Module 2: How to Launch Your VA Business


Lesson 1: Niche Selection


Lesson 2: Understanding Target Market


Lesson 3: Services a VA can Offer (Over 125 of Them)


Lesson 4: Selecting a Title for Your Business


Lesson 5: Putting Together a Suitable Resume


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Building a Client Profile




Module 3: Principles of Email Management


Lesson 1: What Email Management Actually Is


Lesson 2: Clients Inbox Management Options


Lesson 3: Establishing Email Folders


Lesson 4: Beneficial Google Tools


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Scheduling Online


Enhanced Training: Google Tools Suite for the VA




Module 4: Principles of Social Media Management


Lesson 1: Social Media Management – What it Entails


Lesson 2: Scheduling Tools for Social Media


Lesson 3: Practical Social Media Management


Lesson 4: Social Media Services Pricing Strategy – hourly or per post


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Guide to Using Buffer


Enhanced Training: Guide to Using Tailwind




Module 5: Principles of Content Management


Lesson 1: What Content Management is


Lesson 2: Formatting of Blog Posts


Lesson 3: Using Trello to Keep Things Organized


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Tutorial on Using WordPress


Enhanced Training: Creating Graphics for Blog Posts


Enhanced Training: Starting with Trello




Module 6: Principles Associated with Money


Lesson 1: Calculating an Hourly Rate


Lesson 2: Transitioning from Hourly Rate


Lesson 3: Establishing an EIN and a Business Checking Account


Lesson 4: Automatic Payments


Lesson 5: How to Offer Packages to Clients


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Rate Calculator


Enhanced Training: Template for Business




Module 7: VA Online Presence


Lesson 1: Web Presence Options


Lesson 2: Designing a Website to Establish on Online Presence for Your Business


Lesson 3: Is a Blog Necessary?


Lesson 4: What Is and Where to Position an Opt-in Box


Lesson 5: Testimonials Acquisition


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Checklist for Your VA Business Website


Enhanced Training: Installation of an Opt-in Box


Enhanced Training: Checklist for Hire Me Page


Enhanced Training: Video Script for Hire Me Page




Module 8: VA Client Sourcing


Lesson 1: Assessing Your Natural Market


Lesson 2: Using Social Media for Client Sourcing


Lesson 3: Blogging and Blog Guest Posting


Lesson 4: Principles for Handling Your Own E-mail Inbox


Lesson 5: Networking in-Person


Lesson 6: Getting Referrals


Lesson 7: Utilizing Job Boards and/or VA Service Companies


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Template for a 3-Month Marketing Plan


Enhanced Training: Successful VA Case Studies




Module 9: Principles for Pitching


Lesson 1: Template for Making the Pitch


Lesson 2: How to Successfully Cold Pitching


Lesson 3: Tips for Successful Pitching


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Template for Following up by E-mail


Enhanced Training: Quote Template


Enhanced Training: Tracking Your Pitches




Module 10: Interviews and Being Hired


Lesson 1: Interviews


Lesson 2: Tips for Better Interview Technique


Lesson 3: The Follow-up


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: E-mail Template for Interview Booking


Enhanced Training: E-mail Template for an Interview Follow-up




Module 11: Business Contracts Et Cetera


Lesson 1: Why You Should Utilize Contracts


Lesson 2: Onboarding New Clients


Lesson 3: How to Break up with a Client


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Intake Form for New Clients


Enhanced Training: Exit Form for Departing Clients


Enhanced Training: Independent Contractor Agreement (with tutorial)




Module 12: Establishing Business Relationships


Lesson 1: Implementing a Trial Period to Begin


Lesson 2: Understanding Your Client


Lesson 3: The Weekly Call – Benefits


Lesson 4: Continual Learning


Lesson 5: Feedback and Dealing with Mistakes


Lesson 6: Dealing with Scope Creep


Lesson 7: Task Batching


Module Checklist


Module Quiz


Enhanced Training: Maintaining a Balance Between Work and Life


Enhanced Training: Automating Your Business



Course Conclusion and Final Exam





The course is self-paced, meaning that you work on it whenever you have the time available. Plus, you’ll receive access to every future update, free of charge.


What about the cost of it?


As I mentioned, I paid $400, but for that price you get top-of-the range service. There are a further two price options – $99 and $199.


Here’s the breakdown of the different course price points:



$99 Package

  • 12 Modules as listed above
  • Facebook group – private access


$199 Package

Same deal as the $99 package in addition to…

  • 25 training materials and templates
  • Template for the independent contractor agreement with additional tutorial


$399 Package

Same deal as the $199 package, plus…

  • Review of your “hire me” webpage with feedback from Gina
  • One-on-one coaching session (30 mins) with Gina
  • Access to VAMatchmaking service
  • Course certification




So, there you go. That’s the rundown for Gina’s VA course. And, again, all the nuts and bolts are here – included in the course, plus a lot more besides. It’s down to you to pull everything together in order to become successful in the pursuit of becoming a virtual assistant.

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