Joseph Archibald in Malaysia overlooking the Philippines 2What do I do? What can I help you to do?


Well, honestly, I’m crap at most things. Can’t say fairer than that, can I?

However, I have managed to “eek” a living out from pretty much nothing over the past 8 years of living in Asia, and by no means all of that time has been spent teaching English, though some of it was.

Thus, I’m a relatively typical online jack-of-many-trades, and master at some…

Please don’t be asking me to help you with:


  • Photoshop image creation or editing  —  I’m crap!
  • Translating Chinese to English, or vice versa  — My Chinese is crap!
  • Write/ alter html coding or php, and stuff like that  — I’m crap at webpage coding!


However, you could ask me to…


  • Write content
  • Manage and schedule your content (I write professionally for clients and I also proofread courtroom transcripts professionally. Man of so many talents, me…)
  • Drive traffic to your webpages using Pinterest (the majority of traffic on this site comes via Pinterest)



How to get in touch?

Feel free to e-mail me: joseph@thetravelerstale.com


Send me a mail via the contact form.