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My previous interview was with Terra Tice, whereby, she related her experiences of living and traveling in and around China and Japan. 


Today, and I am fortunate enough to be able to introduce you to Hannah “Indiana Jones” Logan who intrepidly blogs at Eat Sleep Breathe Travel

Originally from Canada, Hannah is a self-confessed travel addict, and has been dreaming of partaking in ventures something akin to the likes of Indiana Jones, no less, ever since first witnessing the archaeologist / explorer / swashbuckler on television.


That said, let’s find out what Hannah had to say about her addiction to the wonderful world of travel…




  1. Hannah, what made you want to travel in the first place? Have you always had an “itching” for travel?


I’ve always blamed Indiana Jones for kickstarting my travel bug. It’s the earliest memory I have of wanting to travel; Petra just looked like a fairytale destination that I was (and still am) desperate to explore.

In fairness though, a lot of my travel bug came from my mom – she was a traveler and a diver and always had the best stories. Especially about Ireland – which is where I started my adventures around the world.



Hannah at Shwe San Daw Pagoda, Bagan, Myanmar



  1. How did you manage to get enough time to do what you did – are doing – when you first set out? If you had a job, did you quit and just take time away?


I set out for the first time right after university. I worked two jobs while I studied and lived at home so I was lucky to have the extra money. Since then I have found opportunities and jobs that will allow me to take extended time off.

My latest profession was as a professional cake decorator; as long as I travelled outside of prime wedding season, taking off for a couple of months was ok by my boss.

More recently I have started freelancing. I love writing and am always looking for new websites or publications I can write for. It’s just a part-time type gig right now but every penny helps the travel fund, and it allows me to make some money while on the road.



  1. Money. How did you manage to save enough to take time out from “normal” life and go venturing?


Become a hermit. Just kidding – sort of. It’s a lot of work and a lot of self-restraint. I usually work two jobs at a time and set myself a budget of what I’m allowed to spend outside of bills. The rest goes to travel; I’m not really a budget traveler, and I believe in splurging on once in a lifetime opportunities, so it’s not always easy but I’ve learned a bunch of tricks and little places to save along the way as well.

Check out this post for some ideas:




  1. What has been your favorite destination and why so? Feel free to share any photos, too.


This is the worst question! Haha. But if I really had to pick I think I would choose Myanmar.

I spent only a week there in November 2015 but that country stole my heart. The people are the kindest I have ever come across, it’s not too touristy so everything still feels genuine and authentic, and exploring the temples of Bagan by e-bike made me feel like a real life Indiana Jones.

I had such an incredible time there and although I know it’s becoming more popular, I hope it never loses its magic.


Hannah in Myanmar

Hannah in Bagan, Myanmar



  1. What is your favorite food that you discovered during your travels and where did you find it? By all means describe the cuisine.


I don’t think I have necessarily discovered a favourite food, but I do love trying the originals.

Canada has so much international cuisine that I’ve tried a lot of different things, but to go to the country where it originates from and try the authentic, real versions is amazing.

Pad Thai from Thailand, Irish fish and chips, real Italian pasta, New York style pizza… it’s always so good. Of course it also ruins it a bit when I go home to the less appetizing versions!



  1. You’re currently in Bali, if I’m not mistaken, and no doubt having a fantastic time there. What are your future travel plans and goals? Where would you like to venture to next, if you know?


I’ve just spent a month in Indonesia, and am currently exploring the Philippines for a month as well. I’ve been doing a lot of scuba diving which throws me a bit off the grid, but is totally worth it!

In mid-October I’m headed to Cambodia (Angkor Wat definitely fits my Indiana Jones interests) then the plan is Vietnam, Laos, and ending in Hong Kong at the end of November.

Of course anything can happen between now and then, so I’m booking as I go without trying to plan too far ahead. You never know when an amazing opportunity will arise!

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