Is Your Credit Rating Affected When You Apply for Many Credit Cards?

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A point to note is that I’ll not be dishing up on credit card companies and credit card descriptions in this article. And that’s because the subject matter is consistently on the move. Always changing, never stagnating.


A further point to note is that you do not need to rely on credit cards to accumulate a lot of air miles/ points. Instead, go to this post: How to go Where You Want to go… for Free to find out other methods you can rely on to achieve your goal.


That said, using credit cards is the number 1 best method to collate miles.


So, with this in mind, the question begs to be asked:


 Does applying for many credit cards in a short time frame adversely impact your credit score?


And it’s a GOOD question!


Now, we, or I, could go into what you can do if your credit score is tarnished, or even thoroughly messed up, but that’s not the main point of this article. If you have gone through bankruptcy, and yes, I have, so I do know a bit about it, then you have to wait it out for a bit before you can then begin to rebuild your credit. Rest assured, you can indeed rebuild a horrible credit!


But moving back to the question: Does applying for many credit cards mess up your credit score?


Generally, not!


What is the best way to build your credit score


In fact, it can prove to do quite the opposite, providing you use the things in a responsible fashion – pay off your accounts at the end of the month.


Initially, making many card requests within a relatively short time span can impose negatively on your credit rating. However, that’s a very temporary scenario.


It’s the utilization of your credit cards that counts far more than the number of applications you make.


Let me explain:

Say you apply for five credit cards over a 12-month period, right? Say you were accepted for all five requests. And say you then had $20,000 credit at your disposal because of these cards.

Then, say that you used your credit card for monthly purchases of around $2,500 per month, and you always paid that off in a timely manner. This means you are utilizing a small slice of the credit available to you – 8 percent, to be exact.

That, in addition to paying off the balance every month without fail, shows very responsible use. Even if you didn’t pay off the entire balance, but you still made payments on time, it’s still going to improve your credit score. Providing that things didn’t get out of hand.

It’s long-term, responsible credit card use that really hits a home run with respect to building good credit rating.


Incidentally, if you do wish to find out your credit rating, then, as you’ll likely know, you can do, if you are in the US, by applying at one of the main credit agencies:



And if you want to find out what credit cards you can apply for based on your current credit rating, again, if you are US-located, then you can achieve this at: Credit Karma Inc.


In the UK, the credit agencies are:



And, if you’re in the UK, you can use CreditExpert to do pretty much the same thing as Credit Karma.


In Australia, you guys can use the following to assess your credit rating:



I’m not sure is there’s a version of Credit Karma Inc. available in Australia.


For Canadian residents, the credit bureaus are:



I’m not aware of any similar companies to Credit Karma Inc. being available to Canadians, and unfortunately, you’re unable to utilize Credit Karma Inc., at least for now.


Anyways, this is not supposed to be a post about checking your financials. And, again, if you don’t wish to accumulate air miles/ points via credit card utilization, you don’t have to – simple as that!

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