• How to Book a Flight Using Air Miles
  • How to select airline alliance on kayak.com

How to Book a Flight Using Air Miles     Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But, unless you’ve done it before, you might be wondering how.   You’ll need to know how many miles you need in order to reach your destination. And to do this, it’s best to check out award charts. As such, I’ve […]


What’s the Best Way to Build Your Credit Score?     Obviously, to obtain the optimal card deals that can be used for air mile accumulation, your credit score has to be good at minimum. And though it is helpful to have a solid credit record that extends over the years, this is not the […]

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  • Credit Card Churning

Credit Card Churning Defined         Credit card churning refers to a methodology that many avid air mile collectors utilize in order to make the very best of air miles that are being offered by various credit card companies.   Once you comprehend the details, you might think that it’s wrong to pursue […]

  • Travel Rewards Credit Cards

  A point to note is that I’ll not be dishing up on credit card companies and credit card descriptions in this article. And that’s because the subject matter is consistently on the move. Always changing, never stagnating.   A further point to note is that you do not need to rely on credit cards […]

  • Huangshan, China
  • How to Manage my Air Miles

Photo Credit: Chi King   HOW TO GO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO… FOR FREE: PART 2 [Link to Part 1]   HOW TO EVALUATE YOUR AIR MILES   Experts in this industry frequently state that you should value air miles at a single cent ($0.01) per mile. The higher the better!   The equation […]


Photo Credit: Halfeez     Because of all the traveling that I do – have done over the past eight years in particular – I finally (yeah, like, “finally”) figured that I really ought to be taking advantage of airline frequent flyer miles. I’d already traveled half way around the globe – back and forth […]

  • Bangkok Girls
  • Should you get a TEFL, a TESOL, TESL, a CELTA

Photo Credit: Halfeez     TEFL: Teach English as a Foreign Language (awarded by varying educational establishments). Course duration is for 40 hours or more. There is no required hands-on teaching assessment. Thus, a TEFL certificate is not considered as valuable as TESOL or CELTA certificate. TESOL: Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages (awarded by […]



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