How to Set Up a Travel Blog – Choosing a Domain Name for Your Travel Blog

  • How to Create a Travel Blog

How to Create a Travel Blog


If you’re just setting out in the pursuit of blogging and you wish to establish a travel blog, then you’ll find much of the information you seek right here. Inclusive of how to get traffic to your blog, how to optimize for the search engines (gain better rankings), and a whole lot more besides.


I’ve set up around 500 websites over the past ten years or so, some were blogs, and many of them were websites which I then optimized for the search engines to generate an income from affiliate sales. A number of those websites I then went on to sell on Flippa.


Irrespective, setting up a website, be that a blog or some other form of site, is far, far easier than it was when I first gave it a shot about 14 years back, whereby WordPress was not around, so it was all done in html coding.


Things have moved on greatly since that day and age, and we now have free stuff available such as Blogger or WordPress.com. Nevertheless, if you’re serious about your blogging desires, I’d recommend avoiding freebies and going for self-hosting instead.


Why so?


Because the website will be owned by you, as opposed to a faceless company. Plus, if you do use WordPress.org as your content management system (CMS), you have a whole ton of flexibility in what you do with the site – much more so than you would with the freebie platforms.


Thus, going for a “paid-for” style is a far wiser option than otherwise.



Choosing a Name for Your Travel Blog


First things first, you’ve got to have a name for your blog.


Take some time in doing this. Have a look around the internet at other travel blogs and get some ideas from those. Once you find a name that you like, if you don’t already have a name in mind, you can simply “twist” the name around so you can go ahead and make the investment in the domain name.


In fact, this is almost always my policy these days. I search my niche online and get a number of ideas and then change a word or two around before checking to see if the domain name is available.


I would point out that your domain name (name for your website) ought to be relatively short and also memorable. It should be easily spelled, too.


Another thing that I do when choosing a domain name is to utilize an online thesaurus.


Plus, don’t be tempted to use any special characters, and it’s likely wise to avoid the use of hyphens as well.


Then there are trademarked names that should always be avoided, otherwise you could be forced to take your blog down after you’ve done a mass of work on it.


I’d also advise that you avoid the use of overused travel blog names. It’s likely best to avoid using the following words in the domain name that you choose:


  • Wandering
  • Adventurous
  • Nomadic


… and so forth. The reason being that they are already overused and do not really stand out. Go for originality.


And the final point I’d like to make about choosing a travel blog name is to avoid short-termism. If you’re currently in your 20s, and you select a domain name that describes this fact, what will you do with the blog when you turn 30?


Where do you buy a domain name from? 


There are many specialist dealers out there, but if this is your first website and you do require web hosting, then I would advise that you purchase the domain name via your web hosting service. 


And I’ll be talking about web hosting in the next post. 


Next up, and I’ll be discussing how to set up web hosting.

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