What is Credit Card Churning?

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Credit Card Churning Defined


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Credit card churning refers to a methodology that many avid air mile collectors utilize in order to make the very best of air miles that are being offered by various credit card companies.


Once you comprehend the details, you might think that it’s wrong to pursue the task – it’s, like, just plain wrong. But, no. Fact is that credit card companies make a vast amount of money on a monthly basis, let alone over the course of an entire year. And where does that money come from? It comes from people such as you and I.


So, what is it?


Step by step credit card churning process:


  1. Apply for credit card to obtain air miles’ bonus.
  2. Receive bonus, cancel credit card.
  3. Check terms of credit card to assess when a further application for the same card can be made (normally in a few months’ time).
  4. Apply for same credit card a second time and reap the (double-up) rewards.



Quite often, a credit card company, upon realizing that you wish to cancel your card, will offer you a sweetener in the form of a few thousand extra air miles so you opt instead not to cancel your card.


And that’s it. All there is to it. A fully valid way for anyone who wishes to avidly pursue the accumulation of air miles/ points.

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