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First up, a cool fact about Siquijor.


Apparently, the name “Siquijor” comes from the time when the Spanish first came here around 400 or so years ago. There was a king of Siquijor Island named Kihod. When he initially met the Spanish “travelers” he said “si Kihod,” which translates to “I am Kihod.”


The Spaniards took it that the king was referring to the place: “this is Kihod.” And thus, the Spanish name for the island became Sikihod.


Sikihod was changed to Siquijor because it was, at least for some, easier to pronounce.




Regardless of this interesting fact, what’s it like on Siquijor Island?


Well, I can tell you what it’s like in terms of being a tourist and also in terms of actually living here on Siquijor Island. I’m a white skin guy so in that respect, I’ll always feel like a tourist. However, because I currently rent a home here, and will very shortly be buying some land and having a house built, I do reside here, too.


I’ve been here, at the time of writing this, for around twelve weeks in all, and I would have been here for quite a bit longer if it were not for the death of my father who resided in Scotland. I had to head back to Scotland for seven weeks, but have since returned to the beautiful Siquijor in the Philippines.


As you can see in the photos, which were in fact taken by myself using an iPhone 6, the place is stunningly beautiful. I’ll say that once more to emphasize it: Siquijor is stunningly beautiful.





If you are looking for a tropical beach type holiday or lifestyle, then this island definitely has that in great abundance. Not to say that I’ve as of yet traveled around the entire island. But what I’ve seen of the 327 square kilometers (126 sq. miles) of this relatively small island, it’s the most gorgeous place.


There are around 96,000 inhabitants on the island and with the population growing at about 1 percent every five years or so, that number is not changing fast.


On the other hand, from what I’ve seen, I’d have a guess that in the off-season for tourists, it’s possible that the number of inhabitants on Siquijor rises by around 10 percent. And in the main tourist season, that rises to about 25 percent. Don’t quote me on those figures, it’s merely what I’ve seen.


Is the food on Siquijor good?


Given that I have a regular tendency for eating out here, and given that I generally go to resorts to eat, and given that I do not particularly like the Filipino food much because it is often rather bland, in this case, I have enjoyed most of the meals I’ve had.


And the price for food on Siquijor?


It’s bargain basement!



Villa Marmarne Siquijor



Head over to Villa Marmarine, which is owned by a Japanese guy, and you pay around 1,000 pesos (currently $21 US) for a dinner for two people with a couple of one liter beers included. The service is not what you’d say professional standard should be, but the quality of the food is high and the views over the Bohol Sea (the hotel eating area is located just 15 feet above the beach – see photo above) are magnificent.


As such, I suspect that if you were to find some place in the UK that was similar to this, you’d pay at least five times as much for the same quantity of food, albeit a better standard of waitressing.

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