What WordPress Theme to Use for a Travel Blog

Which Blog Theme for a Travel Blog


In the previous post, I talked about suitable WordPress plugins for a travel blog.

This time around, it’s about travel blog themes. 


Though a new WordPress installation comes with a few free themes included, these free themes are not particularly customizable, and therefore, I would suggest that the best route is to invest in a premium theme.


These days, premium WordPress themes abound, and you can pick up an excellent one for less than $40.


The theme I use on this blog is called Socha, and it is, in fact, primarily a theme for photographers. However, it fits in very well with the travel blogging scene, too. Socha is priced at $59 and is part of the ThemeForest marketplace where there’s an excellent range of premium travel themes hosted, many of which are particularly affordable.


You may find, like me, that once you install your travel theme you have little idea as to how to manipulate it in the way that you want.


If that’s the scenario for you, and you do not wish to invest countless hours learning the ropes, then I suggest that you hire someone to do it for you.


For me, I popped over to Upwork and placed an advert for someone to alter my blog’s theme. I paid $40 and the lady – Madhvi V. – did an excellent job. That $40 is money well spent, otherwise I would have invested hours trying to figure everything out myself. If you’re setting up a business, that’s not a wise use of time.


The one thing to understand about WordPress themes is that the theme you choose must be “responsive.” In other words, your blog will show up correctly on mobile devices as well as desktop/ laptop. So be sure to check that before you make your investment.

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